Preparation for Breastfeeding Workshop


GBSN is offering expectant mothers and their support partners a virtual “Preparation for Breastfeeding Workshop”.

A small group, via Zoom, will give you the chance to meet others. It will be facilitated by a GBSN professional Breastfeeding Counsellor who is trained by the NCT.

The focus will be on helping to get breastfeeding off to a good start, what breastfeeding looks like day by day and having self-help strategies if things don’t go to plan. We’ll concentrate on the first 10 days.  There is an option to be part of a WhatsApp group with the other attendees of your course, giving you great connection to other Mums at the same stage of their breastfeeding journey.

The workshops are appropriate for anyone about to start a new breastfeeding journey (even if this is not your first baby) including if you are expecting twins or more.  There is always an opportunity to book a free 1:1 video call by way of follow up if you have any questions after the workshop.

You can attend this workshop at 35-40 weeks pregnant.  If you expect to deliver early you are welcome to book onto an earlier course – we simply recommend a later attendance to ensure the information is fresh in your mind for when your little one(s) arrive!

Free to attend. Afterwards, we will send out an invitation to donate to GBSN.

We are taking bookings for the following sessions:


  • 13th June at 6.30PM, facilitated by Anny James
  • 30th June at 6.30PM, facilitated by Lisa Cam.


  • 7th July at 7PM, facilitated by Lisa Cam.


  • 17th August at 7PM, facilitated by Rachel Wade

Book your place here