BEST: Breastfeeding Encouragement and Support

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10:00 – 11:30

Springboard Children’s Centre,
Trinity Road,

BEST is a small, friendly support group. We have a comfortable seating area with toys for new borns. There is also a play area for older children, who are most welcome at the group. A quieter spot is available for discussions with our Breastfeeding Specialist Worker.

There is a well-stocked library with books that can be borrowed free-of-charge and brochures on a number of topics. Doidy cups and feeding pillows are available for purchase, and we have a good selection of feeding bras, which can be fitted for you by a peer supporter.

Most importantly, while you are settling in a peer supporter will bring you a cuppa and offer biscuits.  Peer supporters wear a BEST T-shirt while on duty.

BEST receives funding towards the Specialist Worker’s costs from the Springboard Children’s Centre.  We also, gratefully, receive support from the Cirencester Baptist Church.  Additional funds are raised by Peer Supporters through bra sales and other fundraising activities.  We also happily accept donations from mothers who attend our group.  Many thanks to all.

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