We welcome students to come to visit a group to see what we offer. These padlet links show that we offer good quality information in a person-centred model. This means that we do not make any assumptions about how the mother wants her breastfeeding to be. We ask her, then work with her so that she has options of how to reach her goals. https://padlet.com/chair12/m1nu3l6337l6

If you would like to visit, please email [email protected] first. We ask that you read our observation guidelines prior to your visit – FIND THEM HERE

We run talks given by well-known speakers. These are open to all.

Gill Rapley, a researcher into Baby-led Weaning will be returning to Cheltenham.

Why is this talk useful for Health Professionals?

Gill talks through the historical context of “weaning”, how evidence led to the 2004 DH recommendation of exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months then the appropriate introduction of complementary foods alongside ongoing breastfeeding.

She talks about the philosophy behind baby-led weaning and how trusting the baby’s abilities is needed.

Gill brings fascinating videos to help parents understand their baby’s cues, particularly those that say “stop”. She also looks at the history of spoon-feeding.

This is an ideal opportunity to refresh your knowledge base…

Lyndsey Hookway will be returning too to give two talks. One will cover sleep and the breastfeeding family with an infant from birth to 28 months old. The other will cover sleep up to the age of 12 years old.