GBSN Trustee vacancies

Applications are invited for one or more Trustee positions with GBSN.

GBSN is a small, independent, self-funded charity. We run seven weekly groups that offer skilled support and social support for mothers who are breastfeeding. The Breastfeeding Counsellors (BFCs) and Peer Supporters work within a person-centred model. Our running costs are around £40,000 this year. Almost all of this is achieved through fundraising and grant writing as well as donations of services and money. Our support is accessible and free of charge to all families when they are in need of help during their breastfeeding journey.

The Board of Trustees has plans to progress GBSN by reaching more families, updating the website and IT and seeking and analysing more feedback.

GBSN is an independent source of support and information for breastfeeding women and others.  This means all help and support offered by GBSN peer supporters and BFCs is offered free from commercial interests.  We therefore uphold the WHO Code on Marketing and Distribution of Breastmilk Substitutes and subsequent resolutions:

The current Board of Trustees has different talents and skills. It represents Peer Supporters, Breastfeeding Counsellors and has strong governance in place. We work well as a cohesive team, structured around Trustees leading teams focussing on Supporting the Supporters, governance, fundraising, events and training.

What we are looking for:

  • Skill set and proven track record of fundraising and/or grant writing and developing a fundraising strategy
  • Time commitment of approximately 2-3 hours per week
  • Before COVID, the Trustees usually met face to face every six weeks and keep in contact in between by email and WhatsApp. During the pandemic, Trustees have met frequently virtually with some face to face meetings when safe to do so
  • As we already have three Trustees who are contracted to GBSN as Breastfeeding Counsellors, we are looking for those who are not currently providing services to the GBSN

Application is by emailing [email protected]. Please include a bit about yourself and what you bring, alongside your understanding of how working within the WHO Code would influence your work as a GBSN Trustee.

Memorandum and Articles of Association, 2020/21 accounts, our GBSN Philosophy and our statement of values are available from the Board of Trustees [email protected]