Support Whilst You Shop

One of the easiest ways to support us financially, without any additional cost to you, is to use our special links when you shop online.  When you visit an online merchant using our links to them, the website you use will look the same, the cost of the items will be the same but the site will give us a little donation based on how much you spend with them.

  • Amazon – Visit Amazon via this link – Why not set it as your Amazon bookmark now so that you don’t have to look it up every time? You could also set it on your other devices and your friends’ and family’s computers too!
  • Easy Fundraising – This site is a portal to LOADS of other shopping sites. Visit and sign up for a free account. Next time you shop online, go via Easy Fundraising and by clicking on the links to merchants through their website, GBSN will get a little donation every time you shop. There are literally hundreds of popular online shops on there including, GroupOn, eBay, John Lewis, Boden… Basically if you’re ever buying something online, please check there first to see if there is a link you can use so that GBSN can benefit at no extra cost to you. Usually the more you spend the more we get so if you book a holiday, flights or buy a car, insurance policy or mobile phone contract through one of their links, GBSN could possibly really benefit!
  • Give while you search the web – Set as your home page, register to support GBSN and use it for all your online searches – you can also use it for online shopping and eBay trading and there is no cost to you at all.
  • Give when you switch – Give as You Switch lets you compare a whole range of products and policies including broadband, vehicle insurance and even energy suppliers and not only finds the best policy for you, but sends a donation of up to £17 when you switch provider.