Bumps Virtual Workshops

GBSN is offering expectant mothers and their support partners a virtual “Preparation for Breastfeeding Workshop”.

We have gained funding to enable us to run this free of charge for a limited time!

A small group, via Zoom, will give you the chance to meet others. It will be facilitated by a GBSN Breastfeeding Counsellor who is trained by the NCT.

The focus will be on helping to get breastfeeding off to a good start, what breastfeeding looks like day by day and having self-help strategies if things don’t go to plan. We’ll concentrate on the first 10 days. You’ll get the slides and information to read beforehand and we ask you to come to the first session ready to discuss what you’ve read. Then you’ll get a chance to reflect upon this before the next session which will build upon the first.

You can attend this workshop at 35-40 weeks pregnant.

GBSN is a charity run entirely by volunteers and does not ordinarily receive any government funding. We were pleased to be able to apply for the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund for a small, one-off government grant to run these workshops for free in 2020 and we have recently been awarded funding from the National Lottery Local Connections fund to run these workshops until March 2021.

These workshops are over two 1 hour sessions. We have two sets of dates available now – choose the first date from the list and you’ll have entry to both sessions.

Free to attend. Afterwards, we will send out an invitation to donate to GBSN

New dates:

PART 1: 13th April at 7PM and PART 2: 14th April at 7PM, facilitated by Nikki Bradley

PART 1: 27th April at 6.30PM and PART 2: 29th April at 6.30PM, facilitated by Anny James

PART 1: 10th May at 6PM and PART 2: 12th May at 6PM, facilitated by Anny James

PART1: 17th May at 6.30PM and PART 2: 19th May at 6.30PM, facilitated by Lisa Cam

PART 1: 7th June at 6PM and PART 2: 19th June at 6PM, facilitated by Anny James

PART 1: 22nd June at 7PM and PART 2: 23rd June at 7PM, facilitated by Nikki Bradley

You’ll be emailed a Zoom link prior to each session.

Book your place here